USA Market HD-CVI DVRs[edit]

Name Rule[edit]

Ultra HD-CVI 3.0 Phase I[edit]


Ultra Features[edit]

  • All channels @1080P real time
  • All channel expandable for 16CH IP
  • 4HDD/8HDD slot
  • Dual HDMI output, good for monitor center
  • Tribrid, self adaptive

Ultra HD-CVI DVRs[edit]


Pro Features[edit]

  • All channels @1080P real time
  • 2HDD Slot
  • Tribrid, self adaptive, IP up to 5MP
  • The powerful network performance
  • Spot optional for 08/16 series
  • 2D/3D DNR , P2P
  • Alarm/Audio optional

Pro HD-CVI DVRs[edit]



Lite Features[edit]

  • All channels @1080P
  • Compact chase
  • Tribrid, self adaptive
  • Spot optional for 16ch unit
  • support full audio/alarm
  • P2P

Lite HD-CVI DVRs[edit]

Mobile HD-CVI DVRs[edit]

Pro HD-CVI 3.0 Phase I[edit]

Lite HD-CVI 3.0 Phase I[edit]

Ultra XVR[edit]

Pro XVR[edit]

Lite XVR[edit]


HD is an abbreviation for High Definition and typically refers to resolutions that are higher than 1280x720. The most common formats are 720P/HD, 1080P/Full HD, 4K/UHD and 8K/FUHD

1920 pixels x 1080 lines FHD [Full High Definition]

Is a network point to point access without compromising the Router or modem's firewall.