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P2P Enabled (Dahua Device Only)[edit]

Interface Image
WebUI 2019-02-04 8-15-37.png
SystemUI 2019-02-04 8-14-00.png

DHCP Enabled[edit]

Interface Image
WebUI 2019-02-01 10-38-59.png
SystemUI 2019-02-04 8-07-28.png

DNS 1 =[edit]

Interface Image
WebUI 2019-02-01 10-57-30.png
SystemUI 2019-02-04 8-10-22.png

DNS 2 =[edit]

Interface Image
WebUI 2019-02-01 10-57-302.png
SystemUI 2019-02-04 8-10-29.png

Ping Test:Success[edit]

SystemUI only.

1. Navigate to Main Menu -> Info -> Network -> Test

2019-02-04 8-19-09.png

2. Input, "" for Destination IP.

2019-02-04 8-20-19.png

3. Click, "Test"

2019-02-04 8-20-199.png

4. Repeat these steps, replace, "" with, "google.com"

2019-02-04 8-23-01.png

Ping Test:Results-Success[edit]

Address Status Image
Google.com Success 2019-02-04 8-28-27.png Success 2019-02-04 8-27-25.png

Ping Test:Results-Fail[edit]

Address Status Image Troubleshooting Tips
Google.com Fail 2019-02-04 8-29-43.png
  • Check network cable Fail 2019-02-04 8-31-09.png
  • Check network cable

Default TCP Port[edit]

  • 37777 for Dahua Device
  • 35000 for FLIR device

Confirm All of the Above, Then Reboot[edit]

Reboot the recorder or camera after confirming all the above to be true

Network Sniffer Packet Backup New GUI[edit]

This feature is available at the SystemUI only.


  • USB drive, formatted to FAT32
  • Dahua Recorder, connected to a network

Video Example[edit]


1. Insert a USB drive (FAT32 format) into the device. Most models of Dahua recorders will have a USB port on the front and rear of the unit, either can be used.

IMG 20190204 090313.jpg

2. From the Main Menu go to Network

Network Sniffer Packet Backup - 1.jpg

3. Click P2P

Network Sniffer Packet Backup - 2.jpg

4. Click to disable the P2P feature

Click Apply

Network Sniffer Packet Backup - 3.jpg

5. Return to the Main Menu

Click Operation

Network Sniffer Packet Backup - 4.jpg

6. Click Network

Network Sniffer Packet Backup - 5.jpg

7. Click Test

Network Sniffer Packet Backup - 6.jpg

8. Confirm the USB drive is detected, under Device Name

Click 'Refresh' if you do not see the device in the drop-down box

Network Sniffer Packet Backup - 7.jpg

9. Click 'Sniffer Packet Backup' next to the appropriate NIC card to begin the backup

Network Sniffer Packet Backup - 8.jpg

10. The icon will change once the backup has begun

Network Sniffer Packet Backup - 9.jpg

11. Return to the P2P menu

From Main Menu click Network

Network Sniffer Packet Backup - 10.jpg

12. Click P2P

Click to enable the P2P service then click Apply

Network Sniffer Packet Backup - 11.jpg

13. Return to the Main Menu

Click Operation

Network Sniffer Packet Backup - 12.jpg

14. Click the Pause button under 'Sniffer Packet Backup'

Network Sniffer Packet Backup - 13.jpg

15. Remove the USB drive from the recorder and connect it to a PC

Network Sniffer Packet Backup - 14.jpg

You should have one or several *.PCAP files. Please email these files to your Technical Support Representative for further analysis.