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  • ITC devices do not have motion detection

Tips & Suggestions[edit]

  • 120x50 pixels needs from example photo
  • 5 degree angle or less
  • Green Line =
  • Red Box =
  • Yellow Box =
  • Gain = License Plate Reflection




Videos from the Lab[edit]

License Plate Table
Characters State Example Snapshot Example LP Snapshot Pixel Density Possible Issues
2PDP714 California Example Plate Capture1.jpg Example Plate Capture2.jpeg 208x96 None
3HLM253 California Example Plate Capture3.jpg Example Plate Capture4.jpeg 208x80 None
8SJB Missouri Example Plate Capture5.jpg Example Plate Capture6.jpeg 160x96 *Special Character in License Plate
147F Illinois N/A License Plate Not Recognized by Camera N/A License Plate Not Recognized by Camera N/A 160x96
  • Special Character in License Plate
  • License Plate is extremely dirty

License Plate Capture[edit]